Leaving Kansas

On June 5, 2024, we drove away from the house we called home to begin our lives as full-time nomads living and traveling in our 2017 Ford Transit. Our first few days contained mushrooms, frogs, wolves, and gods.

meet alyssa

I have always been a photographer. I was gifted a black, nameless point-and-shoot 35mm camera when I was seven. I spent an entire day planning my shots and filling the roll with my ideas.

My mom and I dropped the roll of film off at the grocery store film counter to return an hour later to pick up my prints with a five-dollar bill in my hand. The kind worker let me know that, for some reason, my film didn’t develop. All the frames printed black. I returned to my mom in the checkout lane and shared my heartache.

Eventually, my childhood turned into my teen years, and walking around my high school hallways with my Canon 20D, I nabbed from my parent’s photography business, flinging from my shoulder. In college, I shifted my career focus from being a journalism major to a design major, with photography leading my way.

I knew very early on that “people photography” did not interest me. So, photography remained a tool and skillset that made me stand out in job applications and my business creation.

During my work hours, I am the owner & designer of Wichita with Love – a brand and web design business specializing in women-owned or run small businesses.

This site will house some of my favorite images, their stories, advice, braindumps, and reviews. It’s a passion project that I am still working to define.

Whatever it turns into, I’m so happy to have you here with me.

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