photography for the midwestern millennial feminist

digital & film

meet alyssa

I’ve always taken photos. I remember the disappointment once as a kid when my point-and-shoot camera pointed and shot but didn’t actually expose. The grocery store didn’t charge me for processing that roll of film. As an adult, it happened again when I incorrectly loaded the film in my Canon AE-1.

My photos started as fun photos of my friends, turned into images that flooded all four years of my high school yearbook, and even teased the idea of pursuing it as a business.

Ultimately, I decided that people-photography was only enjoyable if I loved them. Now my pup Quinn is my main model, and snapshots of my daily experiences and journies are my muse.

This site will house some of my favorite stories and images.

During my work hours, I am the owner & designer of Wichita with Love – a local-loving brand and web design business that specializes in women-owned or run small businesses.

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