Aurora Borealis

May 10, 2024 | Kansas

Welcome to Kansas, Aurora.

A dazzling display of colorful light filled the sky as we stood and watched with admiration.

This is a light show we never expected to see in our home state.

The news was buzzing about the possibility of the Aurora Borealis dipping into most of the United States. We’ve experienced the “maybe we’ll see them” joy followed by disappointment before. But this round was lining up into a legitimate opportunity that we could not pass up.

That morning, I poked around on an online dark sky finder, looking for an area within driving distance where we could pull off and watch the skies. I landed on the Kansas Scenic View off Highway 177 south of Strong City.

As we drove further into the Kansas Flint Hills, we noticed the sky starting to cast a pink/red hue. Unsure if the windows were playing tricks, I rolled down the passenger window and saw the streaks in the sky! It was real, and it was happening now!

We made it to our spot, joining around 20 other vehicles, and pulled our two Canons and Leofoto tripods to begin photographing our experience.

My favorite images Jared captured