Canon EOS 6D

Camera Gear Feature

It became an extension of me:
Alyssa and her camera.

In eighth grade, my parents let me “steal” one of their two studio cameras and explore the world through my lens. That camera was a Canon 20D. It’s nothing revolutionary compared to the gear I use today, but the camera started it all.

My next camera, and the first camera I purchased for myself, was a Canon Rebel T3i. I sold the T3i four or five years after I bought it to make room for my soul-camera, the one I will talk about for the rest of my life, my first full-frame body, the Canon EOD 6D.

Camera snobs might have their noses shoved in the air after that last statement; “The 6D is nothing compared to (fill in the blank.)” Which, I agree. The Canon 6D was not even as elite as the incredibly popular Canon 5D iii, which was released six months prior to the announcement of the 6D. The biggest difference? The price. I purchased my 6D in 2015 for $1,399. A 5D iii would have cost $3,700. For a full-frame camera that, to me, had very few noticeable differences, it was an easy sell.

The 6D quickly became my everyday shooter. I captured my friends, my family, my dog, my meals, my face. At a point in my life, I was actively pursuing a portrait photography business, and this camera was the tool needed to make it “feel” real. 

I later learned I don’t like people. So, I rerouted my focus towards my career as a designer and only accepted shoots of my friends or family for majorly low prices. I’ve always felt like my photography skills were a way I could show love to the people around me. Much like the reason I shoot, I wanted to gift people with their memories in non-cell-phone photographs. Something higher quality that caught the unique glimmers of life.

As I have grown, that family is no longer here or near; my friends have all grown, and my shoots have turned more internal. My photography has become mainly self-documentary. My travels. My home. My career.

Opening Doors

While I knew that a career as a portrait photographer was not in my life path, I learned the ability to capture images in a journalistic style. This skill set opened doors for me in my career and allowed me to stand out. In the dark days of that job, I would use photography to escape the office dramas that plagued the air.

I regret not backing up many of my photographs. They’re no nothing but memories to me.

Closing Notes

A Canon 6D is beyond worth the incredibly affordable price for any budding photographer. The world is rapidly moving towards mirrorless bodies– I have one in my lineup– but I’ve never shot with a camera I love more than my 6D. It could be me being sentimental; maybe it’s because it really is that good of a camera. 

The 6D is NOT built for video. It’s a portrait-only body. If you want a camera that can do both, I recommend making that jump to a mirrorless. If you want a camera that will allow you to capture beautiful still-life images, the 6D may be for you.