Kodak Tourist

Shooting a camera from 1949

This is an entire roll of film, in order, that I shot this summer on a camera from 1949. (72 YEARS OLD 🤯🤯🤯)

In the original box, this camera was gifted to me with a note that said “for Alyssa’s collection,” from Paul, who found it stashed away in his mom’s stuff several years ago. In my pursuit of figuring out film photography, I became curious if I could shoot any of the several cameras I had collected over time. It turns out I totally can! The Tourist was my first go. (The next camera is over 100 years old!)

The kicker about old cameras, they often do not have mirrored viewfinders. I had to guess my distance to adjust the settings. Notice my two totally out-of-focus shots. 🙈

But I did attempt a double exposure, and it turned out okay… pretty busy, and nothing to write home about, but not the worst I’ve created. Ha!

I don’t think I will shoot with this particular camera again unless I want to create an authentic old vibe for my images. But it was a fun experiment!


Film: 620 Basic BW from the Film Photography Project