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Championing Women in Photography

It is authenticity that connects us.

I’ve called myself a feminist since fifth grade when the boys in my class wouldn’t let me play basketball with them at recess. It was very surface level (because I was a kid in a red-state small town) until my late 20s when my brain fully developed, and I could see the larger-scale picture of what feminism looked like.

While there is still a ton of room for my growth in intersectional feminism, I find myself able to champion a place where women are not seen as clearly.

I started my branding business to support local, women-owned/operated businesses in Wichita because I saw first-hand how the many agencies in town were male-dominated. I didn’t like how it made me feel. I didn’t like it when I spoke with them. I didn’t like working under them. I knew if I, as a designer, had those gut feelings, how could a small business not? I wanted to be approachable because, in many ways, I was in the same boat as those other women business owners. I stood proudly and eagerly, ready to serve the women of my community.

I’m finding myself standing on that stage again, but for some realm of photography. Which really is wild because I am not the best, I am not a prodigy, and I am not the loudest in the room. But I am tired of seeing so many men dominate the field I love and know is filled with other people looking for someone like them.

In 2014, I walked into a local photo shop and asked a question about a piece of gear I needed to purchase for a gig I had scheduled. I was talked down to and made to feel stupid. Due to my time crunch, I still purchased the item from them, but I have never returned to that shop… and never will. I hated that moment. I will never use a platform of education to treat someone the same way.

Photography is subjective. Art is subjective. However, the willingness to share, embrace, and encourage others is universal. There is great power held by women in photography.

You are sharing your authentic perspective.

My dad once told me, “There is nothing new under the sun.” He’s right. What is in this universe has created the world we live in. The difference between now and then is the way someone looked at it. 

Whether you specialize in weddings, portraits, travel, or documentary-style photography, the diverse experiences you have in the world shape your storytelling.

Striking photography embraces introspection and self-reflection. It showcases how we see the world. It doesn’t have to be the most profound, darkest thought in the world; it just has to tell a slice of a story.

The best photographers make me feel like I am standing next to them in the moment – in the heartbreak, joy, fear, and love. Photography is an invitation to my life and the world around me.

I'm not the loudest, but I will be your biggest fan.

My goal is to create educational, inspirational, and engaging content to help foster the growth of the community for photographers seeking more.

In this space, I will not compete; I will encourage. You are good enough. You are growing. I cannot wait to connect with you.

with love,

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